Technical Tennis without unnecessary jargon.

Forehand 1

The Good Shape

Future proof your forehand by starting with the right shape.

Forehand 2

Gripping Yarns

A selection box of grips – and the knowledge to choose the right one.

Forehand 3

Palm = Power

Ditching the archaic grip ‘names’ for the stuff that actually matters.

Forehand 4

One Good Turn

No Turn? No stroke (of any consequence).

Forehand 5

The Swingers

Join The Swingers and put distance between racket and ball.

Forehand 6

Connect 3

The most Important element of a tennis ‘stroke’.

Forehand 7


Topspin: the reason for ‘The Good Shape’ and ‘Palm Power.’

Forehand 8

Rise & Fall

Rise and Fall of your groundstroke empire

Forehand 9


Those two words contain much of the essence of good tennis play.

Forehand 10


Engineer yourself some Technical Tennis Magnetism.

Forehand 11


Front Foot Tennis.

Forehand 12


Hitting off the back foot – Victim of circumstance or actioned choice?

Forehand 13

Open & Closed

And WTF is an ‘open stance?’

Forehand 14

Going Loopy

Looping the Loop to max the distance between racket head and ball.

Forehand 15

Spin Spin Sugar

Sticking even more weight to the flung racket head.

Forehand 16

Right Direction

”Goest not where thou will, but where I will,.

Forehand 17

Aggressive Back-Footing

The one-and-only Guga knows-and-shows how.